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Oregano Oil Kills E. coli, Influenza

Debbie Allen, CNHP, WebDeb, Inc.

Hello, this is Debbie Allen, owner of WebDeb.Com, with vital information that could save lives, and demonstrates why people are scared to death of their environment.

As you read the recent news report below, ask yourself if anyone you know would like the option of knowing that Oregano Oil kills E. coli? This is why we are here ... to warn and protect. Join the fun and mission. Share this report with your friends.

Oregano Oil kills E. coli

TORONTO (Reuters) - An infant and three elderly people died, 20 others have been hospitalized and 500 more may be infected in Canada's worst outbreak of E. coli bacteria, health officials said Wednesday.

Authorities said the outbreak in Walkerton, Ontario, a town of about 5,000 people about 125 miles northwest of Toronto, had reached "epidemic proportions." Doctors were unsure what had caused the E. coli outbreak. But it was believed the bacteria might have found its way into the town's water supply after heavy rains two weeks ago.

Walkerton residents were being told not to even wash their hands unless the water was boiled or treated with chlorine. "We are not going to lift the water advisory until the environment ministry assures us that everything is okay," McQuigge told Reuters.

McQuigge said health officials were alerted to the outbreak Friday by a pediatrician in a nearby town who had seen two cases of bloody diarrhea. "The concern is 7-10% of people with E. coli 0157 may develop kidney complications about nine days after," McQuigge said. "This is especially a concern in the very young and the elderly. There is a death rate of 1-3%."

McQuigge added: "We are saying, do not use antibiotics to treat these cases. Preliminary evidence shows that using antibiotics to treat E. Coli can cause kidney failure." End

The Answer ...

In his book, The Practice of Aromatherapy, Jean Valnet describes how Oil of Oregano is potent enough to sterilize sewage water! In 1995, Greek researchers at the University of Thessaloniki discovered that a 1/4000 dilution of fresh wild Oil of Oregano sterilized septic water.

Even in very watered down concentrations oil of oregano has been found to be "extremely bactericidal" in its action against 8 strains of bacteria including E coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. At Cornell University, research has shown it was effective against 30 different germs. A University of Tennessee study found Oil of Oregano to be useful against 9 different harmful food borne microbes.

In Holland scientists found that carvacrol, one of Oregano's components, did an excellent job in inhibiting food borne Bacillus bacteria. And let us add, unlike antibiotics that can cause kidney failure, Oregano is safe when applied or consumed as directed.

What Oregano Oil Does To Influenza

Maurice writes: From time to time I take my Nansee to an ND Scientist who specializes in viruses, bacteria, parasites and, of course, cancer. It's a long story but mainly we go to have her blood checked.

The doctor knows I am with Young Living Essential Oils. So when I called to make an appointment, he asked if I had an unopened bottle of Oregano, and if so to please bring it with, that he wanted to test it. I have never presented Young Living Essential Oils to him as my main objective here was care for Nansee. In due time, and the right time, of course, I will.

When we walked in there, there was a lady leaving who had Influenza. The Doc. checked Nansee's blood under the scope and then asked if I brought the Oregano. I handed the bottle to him and he said:

"I want to tell you something about Gary Young, but first I need to get something from the other room to test this with." When he came back, he started to talk about the test procedure. I reminded him, he was going to tell me something about Gary.

"Yes, indeed I was," he replied. "Your Gary Young is a genius when it comes to essential oils, and is considered a genius in the scientific community. He has without a doubt the best farms in the U.S., and second to none in the world."

Guess who's gloating hearing all of this? Next he said, "Aside from that, he also has built the best distillers in the world. All of his studies of the oils around the world have sure paid off, and of course, the contribution of his formulations and writings has put him on top of a select group."

While he was talking, he opened the Oregano and said: "You were right Maurice, this is good stuff. No need to test as the smell of carvacrol in the oil is perfect as is the color." Trust me folks, I had no idea this man knew so much about essential oils.

Then he asked, "Would you like to see what your Oregano will do to Influenza? I have it on a slide from the lady who just left. Look in the telescope first to see what it looks like." It was a black, spidery mass surrounded by blood.

"Now her sample is between two slides and we will apply the Oregano to the edge. If it is as good as I say it is, it will suck the black mass to it, and you will see the mass turn white. This means, of course, that it is destroyed."

He applied the oil to the edge and said, "Look now into the scope and tell me what is happening." I was amazed. The Oregano was pulling the black mass toward it and the mass was turning white. "How much does it sell for?" he asked.

"$21.00," I said. In response he replied, "Well, that really is not a bad price for that quality of an Oregano Oil." I then asked him for advice on Anthrax. How would he use Thyme. He said, he would bond Thyme and Oregano and take it internally. "Bond?" I replied.

"Yes, he said, "It has to bond or it will not work. Take a glass flask and drop in your Thyme. Next put your carrier oil in and mix. Now add the Oregano and mix. This is how you bond two oils, and they must bond or it's a waste and will do no good." There you have it. What an exciting day.
Maurice Gahagan

Maybe NOW you will begin to understand why so many people are eager to share the miracle of Essential Oils the way they do :)



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Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., Medical Editor for "Health and Healing," estimates 18 million more people have survived toxic side effects from these same drugs prescribed by their doctors...Over 2 million of them were bad enough to be hospitalized in 1994 alone. Chemical Drugs and the so-called "health" system that promotes using them are part of the problem, not the solution.

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