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Morgellon’s disease

What is Morgellon Disease? * "Morgellon's Kit" * What can I eat? * Resources
Elimination Diet * ABC Broadcast * Herbs will help? * Essential oils help?

What is Morgellon’s Disease
Morgellon’s has been a very difficult disease to conquer, because it is strange and very complex. We have had some breakthroughs in understanding its complexity. Not only are there mutated (engineered) arthropods such as insects and mites present (morgons), there are also, in many cases, engineered nematodes (e-nematodes), engineered molds (e-molds) and strange fibers which we will call e-fibers.

Apparently these engineered infectious agents transfer alien genes from one species to another creating a continuously mutating mix of infectious agents. We believe that the "E-Herbs" will help eliminate: Engineered Parasites, as well as greatly help eliminate most of the characters from the mutating soup.

This terrible disease can be characterized by cellulose fibers coming out of the skin causing intense itching and discomfort. Victims often believe the fibers are worms which add to the horror. Internal cellulose fibers can be dissolved with Digestacyst.

Victims are always very deficient in the alkaline minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Their alkaline reserve is always extremely low and the pH of the blood and saliva is always acidic to the point of serious danger.

Dr. Overman discovered that these people almost always have ten species of microzymas. Microzymas are believed to change the DNA of human cells so that they create the cellulose fibers and other unidentified particles. Mutated human cells may cause many strange symptoms. Mutex can be used to restore normal cell genetics. Victims should take Microzymex .

A large percentage of Morgellon’s victims have leaking silicone breast implants, which seem to play a major role in the progression of the disease. The leaking implants must be surgically removed. Silicone toxins can be removed with Siliconex.

Victims of this terrible disease also become easily infected with arthropod larvae, which do look like worms and do come out through the skin. To kill them use double reflective blankets on top and bottom while doing the “wrap and zap” technique with a Harmonic Quad. Doubling the reflective blankets increases the amount of electro-magnetic energy reflected back into the body. “Wrap and zap” with single layers of reflective blankets will not work. It is also helpful to kill the arthropod larvae by taking Arthropex, two capsules twice a day, until there are no more larvae coming out of the skin. Attempts to kill arthropod pupae have not been successful.

Taking ozonated olive oil, one-half fluid ounce once a day for fifteen days, also seems to help remove the arthropod pupae and the strange material made by the mutated human cells.

Most Morgellon’s victims also have mutated arthropods.
These no longer will answer by muscle testing to the name “arthropods”. To find them you must use the name “morgons”. About nine percent of morgons inside the body reproduce asexually producing one additional morgon per cycle. The remaining ninety one percent eventually pupate and emerge through the skin. Morgons can not be killed with the Harmonic Quad 5. You must kill them with Morgonex, two teaspoons once a day until gone. Sometimes these morgons will revert back to arthropod larvae, if the victim is taking Mutex.

People with Morgellon’s disease usually have very poor protein digestion.
Encourage the production of pancreatic proteolytic enzymes by taking Enzyme+. For immediate relief take Digestaclean and Activase to supplement enzyme production. Many times the protein digestion and enzyme production will straighten out after all mutated cells have been repaired.

    I have Morgellon’s.... What CAN I eat?
  • The best answer is to eat as pure as you are able.
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat only grass feed beef, poultry and wild caught fish.
  • Plant a garden if you can.
  • Eliminate prepackaged foods and fast foods from your life.
  • If you did not cook it, how do you know what's in it?
Since it has been understood that Morgellon Disease is derived from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food, stay away from food with these organisms present. We are ingesting chemicals that were not meant for the human body. If it’s something your great-grandparents couldn’t identify, don’t eat it!

    Too busy to cook? Too busy to be well?
  • Get over it - get well.
  • Set some time aside on Sunday afternoon and have a cook-fest.
  • Broil chicken and fish for all week.
  • Blanch some asparagus and brocolli.
  • Pack your wonderful home-made lunch every day.
  • You will save $$ and your life!
  • Your body will thank you for it!
Elimination Diet: For Morgellon’s Disease?
The Clean Program, the brain child of Dr. Alejandro Junger, is a 21-day detoxifying program which is supposed to cleanse your body, thus revitalizing its immune system to start self healing processes.

The Clean “Elimination Diet”, is simply cutting out foods and beverages from a list that are potential allergens. Even after completing a full week, you will feel alot better.

The Clean Program is simply a liquid meal in the morning and in the evening (juice, soup, smoothie), and a solid meal at lunchtime. It is specified that there is 12 hours between the evening and morning liquid meal. This is the fasting period.

On the Elimination Diet you are allowed three square meals a day. You can compose allowed foods any way you like, but you need to quit eating when you are about “80% full”. Depending on your previous food preferences, you need to stay on the Elimination Diet for a different length of time:
  • “Healthy” eaters (fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lot of fiber, small amount of meats): 3-4 days
  • “Normal” eaters (some packaged foods, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sweets): a week
  • “Junk” eaters (fast food, soft drinks, highly processed foods, alcohol, coffee): 2 weeks
    Allowed Foods
  • Fruits: all besides oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, grapes, bananas. Those fruits have high allergy and mucus forming qualities as well as possible contamination with pesticides.
  • Vegetables: all (preferably raw) besides corn, white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Most of these vegetables are known as nightshades and believed to interfere with digestive abilities.
  • Grains: buckwheat, brown rice, millet, quinoa. Those grains are gluten free and gluten is known to interrupt digestion.
  • Meat and fish: salmon and trout, game, lean lamb, duck, turkey, organic chicken.
  • Nuts and legumes: all nuts and legumes EXCEPT peanuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, soybean products. Soybean products were shown to increase hormonal activities and peanut allergies are common in modern times.
  • Oils: olive (cold pressed), flax, sesame oils.
  • Drinks and sweeteners: green and herbal teas, water, club soda, brown rice syrup, stevia, agave nectar.
  • Condiments: vinegar, all spices and herbs, sea salt.
  • Forbidden Foods
  • Dairy: milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream, non diary creamers, eggs. All dairy products are highly allergenic and may cause digestive problems.
  • Meat and fish: raw fish, pork, beef, veal, all processed meats. Livestock is often treated with antibiotics and growth hormones which are dangerous to consume.
  • Oils: butter, margarine, shortening, canola oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise. Saturated fats increase cholesterol and salad dressings have preservatives and sugar in them.
  • Drinks and sweeteners: alcohol, coffee and caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, sugar (white and brown), high fructose and maple syrups, honey, chocolate, artificial sweeteners. Alcohol and coffee are highly addictive and simple sugars cause unhealthy spikes in blood sugar.
  • Condiments: ketchup, relishes, chutney, soy sauces, barbecue sauce. Ingredients in those condiments can be allergenic and/or contain sugar and preservatives.
While following Clean Program you will continue eating allowed foods from the Elimination Diet for your one solid meal a day.

Morgon Fighting Products

Encourages the immune system to destroy parasitic arthropods.

Encourages the immune system to destroy morgons.

Encourages the immune system to destroy morgons.

Morgon Bath
A bath to deactivate morgons.

Encourages the immune system to destroy mutated morgons.

Encourages the immune system to destroy arthropod larvae, arthropod pupae, morgons, parasitic worms, fungi, slime molds, mildews and yeasts.

Encourages the body to release silicone toxins.

Skin Clear
Fights morgons and scabies infestations of the skin.

Thieves Blend Products
Thieves Oil is a great choice for Morgellons. Thieves Oil is well known for
its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral activity.

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