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Everything on the planet has a "frequency signature".
Everything meaning: every human, animal, plant, tree, herb, essential oil, even planets - vibrate at their very own rhythm. Certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and other frequencies would destroy diseases. Higher frequency substances will destroy diseases of lower frequency. Using essential oils can help you alter your freqency to help you heal, grow and change.

is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. When there is frequency, there is electromagnetic potential. We are being influenced by the magnetic action (or attraction) of the frequencies that surround our lives each day, and frequencies influence our state of well being. Essential oils are measured in Megahertz frequencies.

Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) have been measured to
be anywhere from 52 Hz to 320 MHz
(See the chart below.)

  • What Does Hertz Mean?
    Everything has an electrical frequency (the number of oscillations per second) measured in hertz.
    (MHz) Megahertz is a unit of frequency, equal to one million cycles per second. All atoms in the universe have vibrational motion.

  • 1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 oscillation per second (ops)
  • 1 Kilo Hertz (KHz) = 1,000 ops
  • 1 Mega Hertz (MHz) = 1,000,000 ops or 1 million
  • 1 Giga Hertz (GHz) = 1,000,000,000 ops or 1 billion
  • 1 Tetra Hertz (THz) = 1,000,000,000,000 ops or 1 trillion

It has been demonstrated that we can change lower depressed feelings and negativism with the application of essential oils carrying higher frequencies resulting in an upliftment of our spirits. According to Dr. Royal Rife, every disease has a frequency and that a substance with a higher frequency will alter the disease that is at a lower frequency.

Coffee and Essential Oils
A study done by Bruce Taino and Gary Young measured the frequency fluctuations within the human body as different substances were introduced. Initially, the frequency of each of two different individuals. The first a 26 year old male and the second a 24 year old male was measured at 66 MHz for both. The first individual held a cup of coffee (without drinking any) and his frequency dropped to 58 MHz in 3 seconds. He then removed the coffee and inhaled an aroma of essential oils. Within 21 seconds, his frequency had returned to 66MHz. The second individual took a sip of coffee and his frequency dropped to 52MHz in the same 3 seconds. However, no essential oils were used during the recovery time and it took 3 days for his frequency to return to the initial 66MHz.

In another case, a man's frequency dropped from 65 Hz to 48 Hz when he simply held a cigarette. When he smoked the cigarette, his frequency dropped to 42 Hz, the same frequency as cancer.

Other studies show that negative thoughts lower our frequency on average 12 Hz.
Positive thoughts raises our Hz on average 10 Hz.
Prayer and meditation raises our frequency on average 15 Hz.

Bruce Tanio, of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University, has developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) that has been used to measure the frequencies of essential oils and their effect on human frequencies when applied to the body. Young Living Essential Oils laboratory uses a CFM, and another is located at Johns Hopkins University where it is used to study frequency in relationship to disease.
These are the findings:

Young Living Essential Oils
(oils 78 and below work specifically with harmonizing and balancing the physical body)
 52-320 MHz

Human Body:
Genius Brain Frequency 80-82 MHz
Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
Human Body 62-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck up 72-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck down 60-68 MHz
Illness start at: 57-60 MHz
Death begins at: 25 MHz

Foods (fresh foods and herbs can be higher if grown organically and eaten freshly picked):
Fresh Foods 20-27 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
Dried Foods 15-22 MHz
Dried Herbs 15-22 MHz
Processed/Canned Food
(the majority of food we eat)
0 MHz

YLEO Single Essential Oils:
Sandalwood 96 MHz
Melissa (Lemon Balm) 102 MHz
German Chamomile 105 MHz
Myrrh 105 MHz
Lavender 118 MHz
Ravensara 134 MHz
Helichrysum 181 MHz
Rose 320 MHz

YLEO Essential Oils Blends (alphabetical order):
(oils 78 and below work specifically with harmonizing and balancing the physical body)
Abundance 78 MHz
Acceptance 102 MHz
Aroma Life 84 MHz
Aroma Siez 64 MHz
Awaken 89 MHz
Brain Power 78 MHz
Christmas Spirit 104 MHz
Citrus Fresh 90 MHz
Clarity 101 MHz
DiGize 102 MHz
Dragon Time 72 MHz
Dream Catcher 98 MHz
EndoFlex 138 MHz
En-R-Gee 106 MHz
Envision 90 MHz
Exodus II 180 MHz
Forgiveness 192 MHz
Gathering 99 MHz
Gentle Baby 152 MHz
Grounding 140 MHz
Harmony 101 MHz
Hope 98 MHz
Humility 88 MHz
ImmuPower 89 MHz
Inner Child 98 MHz
Inspiration 141 MHz
Into the Future 88 MHz
Joy 188 MHz
JuvaFlex 82 MHz
Live With Passion 89 MHz
Magnify Your Purpose 99 MHz
Melrose 48 MHz
Mister 147 MHz
Motivation 103 MHz
M-Grain 72 MHz
PanAway 112 MHz
Peace & Calming 105 MHz
Present Time 98 MHz
Purification 46 MHz
Raven 70 MHz
R.C. 75 MHz
Release 102 MHz
Relieve It  56 MHz
Sacred Mountain 176 MHz
SARA 102 MHz
Sensation 88 MHz
Surrender 98 MHz
Thieves 150 MHz
3 Wise Men 72 MHz
Trauma Life 92 MHz
Valor 47 MHz
White Angelica 89 MHz

Good health begins with taking
responsibility for our own bodies.
Try them for yourself and experience it too.

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